A unique pueblo such as Cabot’s could only have an equally unique shop. An eclectic collection of items await you: paintings, pottery, jewelry, books and more! We have something for everyone… yes, even for the person who has everything.

All items are unique, one of a kind. Items here are samples of what are in our trading post has to offer

Book Nook – Our Trading Post and Gallery has an eclectic selection of books for everyone from 3 to 103 with topics from geology to wildlife to cook books and coloring books! We also have a must-have collection for those adventurers at heart: On the Desert Since 1913, The Story of Cabot Yerxa and His Pueblo, and The Lady of the Pueblo: Portia Fearis Graham. Our History Committee has dedicated much of their time and effort to uncover the facts, myths and everything in between for all Cabot-related things and these books are the result of their hard work! Detailed backgrounds and stories of Cabot, Portia and their adventures come alive on the pages of these books!

Mata Ortiz Pottery – Our Trading Post & Gallery showcases an impressive collection of Mata Ortiz pottery! Mata Ortiz is a small village in the Chihuahua state in Mexico at the foothills of the Sierra Madre Occidental along the banks of the Palangas river. With a population of approximately 2,000, villagers create pottery inspired by ancient pottery from the city of Paquime which has captured the attention of new and seasoned collectors throughout the United States, Asia and Europe.

Oaxacan Wood Carvings – A new collection featured in the Trading Post & Gallery has become extremely popular with our guests! Oaxacan’s indigenous and peasant communities reinitiated woodcarving to create masks for festivals, dances and carnivals, as well as figures and toys. Oaxacan wood carvings have become one of the most popular folk art styles in Mexico.